Sterling Silver Overlay, Silver Filled Strip

A full line of sterling on nickel silver products for the western wear marketplace

Performing in your most demanding machining and forming processes

We supply all the standard sterling overlay percentages in all the common sizes, including our signature product, 10% sterling on copper, overlayed on nickel to form a silver tri-metal stack. We are also happy to explore other product configurations you may have.

The sterling component is a minimum 92.5% silver. Attention paid to the cleanliness and surface of the rolling mills ensures a quality overlay, both in assay and surface condition.


Delivery Excellence

Best in the business delivery performance is what we’re known for and 100% on-time delivery is our goal. We are able to ship most orders in 48–72 hours based on our commitment to having material in various stages of processing. In addition, we look carefully at shipping methods and carriers to ensure products are delivered in accordance with our customer’s expected in-house dates.

Technical Excellence

The product line has been developed using proprietary bonding techniques resulting in excellent bond integrity. Further processes yield clean edges, tight dimensional tolerances, and a bright shiny finish. Let us work with you on developing your unique silver filled product.

Our Name is Our Promise

Reliable Corporation has the right combination of unmatched service that customers value most — we deliver the products you want, when you want it.

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