Reliable Silver

Fabricating silver and silver alloy wire, strip, rod, and anodes for industrial purposes for over 30 years.  Also offering silver nitrate, gold salts, and chemicals.

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Reliable Deposition Materials

Offering high density, high purity, precious metal sputtering targets and evaporation materials for large area coatings, semiconductor, medical, and optical applications.

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Manufacturers of precious metals, with fast turnaround times and unmatched service to deliver the right products at the right time.

97.4% On-Time Delivery


Unmatched Delivery Success

We are committed to delivering your products on time, every time. Reliable Corporation is your trusted supplier of silver products for your industry applications, from RFQ to our customer satisfaction follow-up.

Why Reliable?

99.7% Conforming Product Performance

Committed to Meeting Product Specs

Our name is our promise. Reliable Corporation will meet your product specifications every time. The most discerning and demanding customers have come to rely on us for their silver product and alloy requirements.

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We develop and produce the best silver products for your job.

Precious Metal Prices

Find real-time information on precious metal prices.