Silver Strip

Fine Silver, Coin, Sterling Silver Strip and Plates

Fabricated from 99.99% pure silver to customer-specific dimensions, mechanical properties and composition

Reliable Corporation fabricates fine silver wire, strip, plates, and rods from 99.99 percent pure silver to customer-specified dimensions, mechanical properties, and composition. Alloys requiring copper are manufactured with only OFHC pure copper. We use proprietary processes to produce material of uniform and repeatable grain structure to ensure consistent physical properties throughout your product. Reliable’s custom wire, strip, plates, and rod will perform in your most demanding machining and forming processes.

Coin Silver Plates for slip rings: Precision flattened plates for slip ring manufacturing are available.

State of the art in-house laboratory equipment helps ensure your custom order is always on spec. Our quality control processes are certified to ISO 9001:2015 and are regularly reviewed as part of our continuous improvement program.

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